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Of online traffic is video content


Of information is retained after watching a video


More views on social media for video than photos


Of customers would rather learn about a business by way of video

A website is 53x more likely to reach the front page of Google if it has a video.

Video is about to become THE THING on the internet. In fact, Facebook is predicting that in a few years, all of the content on the platform will be video, no text.

What it comes down to is that video is the most effective way to communicate an idea, thought, product, or information. As businesses, we know that clear marketing is key. If you want someone to buy your product, they have to know what it is and what it does.

According to Forbes, 65% of people are visual learners, so text just doesn’t stick with people as much. So to reach visual learners, we need to make use of photos, videos, and infographics, and I can help with all three.

*Sources for statics

 “I cannot wait to share [these videos] all over my social media!

Elizabeth was wonderful to work with from the start. I hired her to film my photography retreat in Breckenridge. Her eye for detail and story telling is unmatched. She created five little films for me and I couldn’t be happier with how they came out. I cannot wait to share them all over my social media! Thank you Elizabeth! I will be using you again!! Hugs!”

Ginny Haupert

Luxury Boudoir photographer, Ginny Haupert Photography

Small Business Video

One of the best ways to start showing your business to consumers is through a brand film – This kind of a film highlights who you are, what you do, and puts a face to your business! If you are in any kind of personal service, this is so key! We are now in an age where people want to choose a business that they can connect with, and people are choosing local, small businesses over big companies. Show them who you are!

Google My Business has also added additional identifiers that you can add to your listing including Black-Owned, Women-Led, Veteran-Led, and LGBTQ+ Friendly. Who you are and what you represent matters to consumers, so proudly take every opportunity to show people what you stand for!

When you book me for your business video, I don’t just come in and film some stuff, take it home, set it to a random song, and say “here you go!”

I strategize with you.
I get to know you and your business.
I coach you through the process on what is most effective, what will be the most useful to your goals, and help you script your film if necessary.

I follow the StoryBrand Method (non-affiliated link) created by Donald Miller to help you create a film that actually markets your business. If you haven’t read that book, GO DO IT NOW! It’s life-changing. Seriously. I booked 3 wedding clients in one weekend the week after I changed my copy to reflect that framework, and all 3 mentioned that what I had on my website really resonated with them. 3/3! Go read it.

Brand Films begin at $1500

Content Creation Video

With video being such a high demand for online traffic, it’s so important that your business stays on top of content! This is especially important for people that have fast moving or seasonal products, influencers who need regular content, and any business specializing in education and information.

Because content creation is needed on an ongoing basis, I am offering content creation subscription plans to help you get a killer deal on filming rates, and keep your business fresh and up to date!

Subscription plans begin at 2 hours per month, and can be customized depending on your needs!


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