Hiring a Colorado wedding videographer is a big deal! You hear horror stories of scammers who bail last minute leaving your empty-handed and scrambling for a replacement. You don’t want that to happen to you. The Knot and Wedding wire have their own lists of questions you should ask your videographer before hiring them, and I decided it was important to answer some of the questions I get asked. I want to make sure that you feel confident hiring me to document your wedding. If you have any additional questions or want more explanation on some of my answers, please, feel free to fill out my form or send me an email at elizabethmaefilms@gmail.com.

Colorado wedding Videographer Elizabeth Mae sitting on her desk in front of her computer answering frequently asked questions

How long have you been shooting video?

I have been a professional Colorado wedding Videographer since 2015. Prior to that starting in 2012, I volunteered my time on church AV teams doing media production and I was doing photography. Photography has always been a passion of mine (queue the “I picked up a camera when I was 8 cliche story” and blah blah blah blah blah) and I knew that I wanted to be a photographer by the age of 13. Video came along when I felt like photography just didn’t make the mark when it came to storytelling. I still love photography and I still offer photo sessions, so for any of you who are looking for a photographer, you can find my work here! Keep in mind that I can only provide one service at a time since I am a one-woman film-house!

What are your packages?

My packages are all listed on my services page! I believe in transparency, so all of my packages and add-ons are available on that page 24/7! I offer a semi-a-la-carte pricing structure to allow you to get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t! Please note that price are subject to change from year to year!

Will you be the one to film my wedding?

Yes, absolutely! At this time I do not have any “associate” packages available, so if you hire Elizabeth Mae Films, you’re getting me, Elizabeth Mae!

Do you work well with other photographers?

I can work with any and all photographers and I make sure to get in contact with your photographer prior to the wedding so we can both be on the same page for the timeline and how we’re going to work together throughout the day! We are both there to give you our absolute best, so I make sure to do my part to work well with other creatives.

What is your delivery turnaround?

90 days! 12 weeks, 3 months, however you prefer to look at it! I don’t like films sitting longer than they should be, and I know that I will forget how the day felt if I aim for any longer. Keep in mind that your photographer might be able to deliver as soon as 4 weeks. I wish that I could be that quick for all my couples, but the video editing process is so much more involved than photo, so it does take longer. With that being said, I do deliver a sneak peek within 1 week of your wedding so you don’t have to wait the full 3 months to see anything at all! I also share little snippits to my Instagram stories so make sure that you follow me to see how your film is coming!

Do you include a second videographer?

At this time, I do not include a second videographer as a default. Second shooters may be added at $50/hr.

Do I need a second videographer?

Yes if you have a lot of overlap in your timeline. No if your timeline is a little more open. I have done the majority of my weddings as a solo videographer and create magic for my couples! I also feel like having a 4th camera (assuming you have two photographers) can be really overwhelming for couples, and I prefer to be a “fly on the wall” kind of a business. Having a bunch of creatives documenting the day can capture more moments, but it can also become a distraction.

Do you shoot in 4k?

At this time, no. Most computers and phone screens don’t even display 4k footage all that well since they’re capped at an HD resolution. I deliver all of my films in HD 1920×1080 resolution which is compatible with all TVs, computers, and phones. There are many Colorado wedding videographers that try to use this as a selling point, but keep in mind, my 4k capable camera only cost me $500 and I use it as my junk camera to take on hikes. 4k does not mean high quality, it just means high resolution, so be wary of videographers that constantly boast 4k resolution!

How much “directing” do you do?

Not a ton! Many of the photographers I work with have a similar “posing” style where we focus more on queues for interaction over specific poses. If you feel like something is corny, tell me “no!” I won’t be offended. My goal is to capture your wedding day as accurately as possible and a huge part of that is you and your partner feeling comfortable in front of the camera!

How would you describe your style?

I like to describe my style as “cinematic documentary.” To me, this means that I can be a little more hands off, but I’m not going to be that awkward weirdo in the corner on a tripod using a huge zoom getting sniper shots of everything happening. I’ll get in your face a little bit, I’ll search for those Michael-Bay-Sun flares, I use wide aperture lenses (so we avoid that home-video look). I also make sure to use quality stabilization so we avoid the “Blair Witch Wedding” effect.

What happens if you suddenly can’t shoot our wedding?

In the event of a family emergency or natural disaster, I will do everything to find a replacement. I am a part of several Facebook communities of creatives and these people are quick to come to the rescue if anything were to happen to me! In the even that I cannot make it and I find you a replacement, you have the option to keep your contract with me, my replacement will shoot it for me, and I will still do the editing, OR, we can cancel our contract, you will receive a full refund, and you may book the other videographer in my place. With that being said, I will push through to be present at your wedding if you hire me! If the weather forecast is bad, I’ll head up the night before. If I’m sick, I’ll load up on the Emergen-C and drink water like a crazy person to get healthy and be ready to roll!

What is your editing style like?

My editing style is unique because I am flexible in how I color correct. Usually, video is one of the last things you book before your wedding. You’ve already spend hours upon hours searching for the perfect photographer who matches your vision for what you want to put on your walls. Video editing seems to be a little more limited since there are far fewer videographers. I like to shift my editing style slightly toward the style of your photographer! If you have a light and airy photographer, I’ll edit a bit lighter, and likewise if your photographer is darker and moodier. Most importantly though is just staying true to color. I love to edit with accurate colors and good contrast so your film doesn’t feel like it’s incomplete!

What do you use to record audio?

For ceremonies, I use two small lav mics – one for the officiant, and one for the groom. These audio recorders just record to themselves, they don’t amplify, and even though I start them early, don’t worry, I don’t listen to any audio before or after the ceremony starts and ends. I also plug into your DJ’s sound system as a backup and to capture audio for any guest readings or songs. I like to have backups to make sure that I capture quality audio throughout your wedding day.

Can we choose the music?

Yes and no. I wrote a blog post about this very topic that goes into a little more detail about this subject. The abridged version is that you and I all love certain popular songs. They’re our songs. We put them in our “lover” playlist and we listen to them when we’re missing our partner who went on a long business trip. These artists do an amazing job. But, unfortunately, they can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to license. I have to properly license music, otherwise, I am straight up stealing from the creators. I use MusicBed, SongFreedom, SoundStripe, and TripleScoopMusic for my music licensing needs. Some of these sites have more popular songs, so if your song is on there, I’m happy to use it!

Prior to your wedding, I send out a questionnaire that asks a handful of questions about your music preferences. I do my best to meet your preferences and select a song that fits the way the day felt. If you want to hear the songs before I start editing, there is a check box for you to select. If you would like to be a part of choosing the music, you’re more than welcome to search any of those listed sites, but if the song you’re wanting isn’t there, I can’t license it.

I wish I could license all the songs. I really do.

Can we make changes after the film has been delivered?

Yes. If there is something about your film that doesn’t feel right to you, please let me know. Corrections are limited to 2 hours of work and include things like changing out clips or color adjustments on certain clips. If you want a complete re-edit (i.e. change of song or sequence) those changes are $75/hr.

Do you charge travel fees?

Nope! Being in Colorado, most weddings are at least 1-2 hours away from where I live. I love camping and road trips, so if I have a wedding that’s too far out to drive back the next day, I’ll turn it into a weekend trip!